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Sl. No Characteristics Chlorine Ozone
1 Transportation & Storage Transportation, Storage and handling is inconvenient and there is possibility of leaks No transportation & Storage required i.e. on site generation.
2 Scaling No effect on scaling Scaling is reduced as the organic matrix for seeding is destroyed.
3 Availability Will have to rely on suppliers. So availability is always a problem. Dosing depends on man power. Erratic availability and serious issues of over or under dosing. Captively produced. No problem of availability of raw material , since air is the raw material.
Automatic and consistent. No man power needed. Ozonator is directly connected to power source of the Filtration system. So this switches on/off with pumps connected to the filtration system.
4 Solubility Solubility is very low in water. 100% soluble in water.
5 Efficiency Considerable loss owing to poor & erratic control. No loss in efficiency.
6 Bacterial count Legionella bacteria Only less than 60% of bacteria’s are killed. No effect on Legionella. Wide spectrum kills all known bacteria’s rapidly. Also kills legionella.
7 Corrosion Difficult to maintain. Used in earlier corrosion inhibitor processes-passivates the metal surfaces.
8 Flocculent Effect Does not have any effect If the required ph conditions are reached these results in the formation of an often fragile low volume metal precipitate which can be retained by direct flocculation on a filter medium (tests have shown that pre-ozonisation could result in a 17% to 30% saving in coagulant cost in pretreatment).
9 Pool Downtime Pools are regularly shut for chlorinating and adding flocculants etc., After the shock dosing with chlorine, pools are closed for 24 to 48 hours for aeration as the chlorine smell is overpowering. Pools is always available for use 24×7. Every day of the year! As the pool is continuously disinfected online with the filtration system.
10 Water quality over time Pool water condition continuously deteriorates with use and weather changes, till it becomes bad enough. Then pool is closed for shock dosing with chlorine again! Pool is available in the best condition always.

Ozone Vs Chlorine