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What is Ozone?

Ozone is tri atomic Oxygen. That is, it contains three atoms  of the oxygen molecule. When the oxygen (O2) that is all around us raises to the upper atmosphere i.e. the stratosphere, and is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, that oxygen is naturally turned into ozone (O3). That is the “ozone layer” that protects

What does Ozone do?

Ozone is much more reactive than O2. It is a very powerful oxidizing agent, second among elements only to fluorine. It can oxidize many organic compounds. It is used commercially as bleach for waxes, oils, and textiles, and as a deodorizing agent. It is a powerful germicide; it is also used to sterilize air and

How is Ozone manufactured apart from Nature

Ozone is usually manufactured by passing an electrical discharge through O2 gas or through dry air. The resulting mixture of ozone and O2 or air is usually suitable for most industrial applications of ozone. Because of its relatively short half-life, ozone is always generated on-site by an ozone generator. The two main principles of ozone