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The main reasons for using ozone in Aquaculture Hatchery water treatment are:

  • Disinfection by destroying the  microorganisms/pathogens completely and permanently inactivate virus
  • Partial or total oxidation of dissolved matter
  • Micro-flocculation of organic matter
  • Destabilisation of colloidal matter
  • Precipitation of dissolved matter

Ozone is a very powerful bactericide and viricide and, unlike other agents, it leaves no undesirable residues.  An ideal method of disinfecting water is by ozonation in a contact tank prior to use.

Unlike such agents as chlorine, or any of its derivatives, oxidation with ozone leaves no hard to handle or toxic residues requiring subsequent complex treatment. In practice, ozone immediately starts to attack the oxidizable components it comes into contact with. This property makes it a very powerful disinfectant. Because the process only leaves “oxygenated” products and oxygen, it is particularly well suited for hatchery water where the presence of undesirable elements after treatment could have grave consequences.

TES Ozonators offer completely engineered ozone based water treatment system for disinfection of feed water and process water and waste water treatment. The components include, Ozonator with integrated Chiller, Oxygen concentrator.  We also offer Ozone mixing equipment like venture, static mixer,  contact column and optional post ozonation filteration system.

Ozone is a very powerful oxidizer with more than 3000 times the oxidizing potential of chlorine bleach and several times faster action, so very short contact time is required. The half life of ozone is less than 20 minutes, so, much less aeration time is required compared to chlorine, which requires 24 hours to 36 hours.

A natural disinfectant, ozone is replacing traditional chemical oxidants in a growing number of industrial processes, including food, beverage, dairy and seafood processing.

Ozone destroys all common pathogenic organisms through natural processes of oxidation, disinfection, and decomposition to oxygen (O2).

TES  Ozonators have been successfully deployed and currently being used  in several private high-tech hatcheries up down the coast line from Vizag, Kakinada, Chennai to Marakkanam.

Using Ozone has been proven to:

  • Significantly increase yield per batch
  • Reduce the cycle time by 4 to 5 days per batch
  • Increase the number of batches  per year
  • Result in Increased overall hatchery productivity

As the strongest, technically producible oxidising agent it fulfils further functions apart from disinfection. During the ozonation process ozone is consumed completely and breaks down again into oxygen.

Ozone Advantages

  • Increase D.O. (Dissolved Oxygen)
  • Reduction of Diseases
  • Reduce Ammonia and Nitrite
  • Faster Growth Rate
  • Better quality of Prawn and Fish seed
  • Higher Standard of Environmental Control

Other benefits:

  • Reduces and eliminates chemical storage, handling and associated risks & costs
  • Effective over a wide range of pH and does not change the pH
  • Does not corrode the existing system
  • Available for any capacity of input feed water as it is totally custom designed.
  • Does not produce and toxic or carcinogenic by –products like tri-halo methanes (THM), chloramines etc.
  • The discharge water can be further treated with ozone as required to completely meet all the norms of
  • the pollution control board and other governmental agencies
  • Environmentally ideal practice, makes the industry sustainable

TES Ozonators

  • We are the only manufacturer in India, using in-house developed Glazed CERAMIC coating technology for the electrodes. The electrode is the heart of an Ozonator.
  • Typically other ozonators use GLASS electrodes, which tend to have a very short life of a few months, before they crack or puncture, in the ozone formation process.
  • Most other sources of Ozonators are resellers of the product imported from china, etc., and do not have any control on the quality of the product.
  • We manufacture all our products from scratch, at our factory in Chennai, TN, where we have an in-house Research and Development team.  This allows complete control over the quality of the product.

Some our customers include:

  • BMR Hatcheries ( Using TES Ozonators in all of their hatcheries at multiple locations along the east coast,  Chennai, Marakkanam, etc.,
  • Golden Marine Hatcheries, Marakkanam near Pondicherry
  • Godavari Aquatics, Kakinada, AP
  • DSF Aqua, Kakinada, AP
  • We also export our products to several countries

Product Features:

  • All TES Ozonators come fully integrated with the required oxygen concentrators
  • Ozone is produced on site, as and when required and integrated into the treatment process.     So, no storage and no handling necessary.
  • No use of chemicals at all