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Post-Harvest Processing

Ozone is a very powerful oxidizer with several times the oxidizing potential of chlorine bleach and several thousand faster action, so very short contact time is required. . A natural disinfectant, ozone is replacing traditional chemical oxidants in a growing number of industrial processes, including food, beverage, dairy and seafood processing.Ozone destroys all common pathogenic organisms through natural processes of oxidation, disinfection, and decomposition to oxygen (O2). Because ozone is powerful in cold water, it reduces the need for hot water and steam, saving water, energy, time, and money.

In Seafood Processing Applications Ozone can be used in a wide range of applications:

  • Surface sanitization
  • Disinfect equipment,tools,storage area, bins,and refrigeration units
  • Odour control
  • Preserve seafood products/extend shelf life and keeping quality
  • Disinfect process water
  • Ozone ice for fish storage
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) processing lines and heavy equipment.
  • Blast freezing shrimp with ozonated water for export

TES Ozonators

We are the only manufacturer in India, using in-house developed Glazed CERAMIC coating technology for the electrodes. The electrode is the heart of an Ozonator.

Typically other ozonators use GLASS electrodes, which tend to have a very short life of a few months, before they crack or puncture, in the ozone formation process. Most other sources of Ozonators are resellers of the product imported from china, etc., and do not have any control on the quality of the product.

We manufacture all our products from scratch, at our factory in Chennai, TN, where we have an in-house Research and Development team. This allows complete control over the quality of the product

Some of our customers include:

  • Devi Sea Foods, Tanuku, AP
  • Devi Sea Foods, Ongolu, AP
  • Usha Sea Foods, Kakinada, AP
  • Sathya Sea Foods, Kakinada, AP
  • BMR Hatcheries (Using TES Ozonators in all of their hatcheries at multiple locations along the east coast, Chennai, Marakkanam, etc.,
  • Golden Marine Hatcheries, Marakkanam near Pondicherry