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TZ 2
Feed Gas Preparation
Feed Gas Inbuilt Oxygen Concentrator
Outlet Pressure 9 psi
Compressor Air flow rate 65 to 75 LPM at 4 bar pressure
Oxygen Purity 93% ± 3%
Oxygen flow control 1 to 5 LPM
Sound Level < 45 dB (A)
Power supply AC 230V+ 10%, 50 Hz + 10%
Electrical Classification II class B type
Temperature Range 10° C – 40° C
Relative Humidity 20% to 70%
Ozone Generation

Ozone Generation 6 grams per hour
Ozone Concentration 18 to 20 gm / CUM
Make & Type of Electrode Technozone make / Alumina coated ceramic tube electrode with high concentration of ozone
Cooling Tube Arrangement
/ Material of Tube
Blower Air cooled / SS 316 tube inserted over finned aluminium tube for effective heat dissipation
Ozone Generation by Corona
/ discharge technology
Advanced Ceramic coated & glazed electrode covered with concentric annular SS cooling tube is alternated with high frequency corona discharge. This corona dischargedisassociates the oxygen atoms to regroup toform ozone.
Power electronics Full bridge IGBT based microprocessor controlled power generation unit for the ceramic electrodes.
Automation Fully automated control unit High voltage (>245V AC) & low voltage (< 200 V AC) Indication & cut off Electrode failure indication & cut off.
Construction Stylish GRP Cover & Rugged steel body for easy maintenance and solid strength
Electrical Specification
Input Voltage 230 V AC / 50HZ (single phase)
Power Consumption 600 watts
Dimensions 450mm (W) X 450mm (D) X 650mm (H)