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TZ 100AW

  • High Concentration
  • Less Foot Print
  • Fully Automated PLC Control
  • Timing, Service, Auto and other multiple intelligence mode
  • Stylish
  • Integrated


Feed Gas preparation
Sl Particulars Specification
1.1 Feed Gas Inbuilt Oxygen concentrator
1.2 Type of oxygen generator The PSA model with 2 molecular Oxygen Sieve bed
1.3 Outlet Pressure 14 psi (1 bar)
1.4 Compressor Air flow oil less
1.5 Oxygen Purity 93% ± 3%
1.6 Oxygen flow control 1 to 32 LPM
1.7 Sound Level <45 dB (A)
1.8 Power supply AC 230V+ 10%, 50 Hz + 10%
1.9 Electrical classification II class B type
1.10 Temperature range 10° C – 45° C
1.11 Relative Humidity 20% to 70%


2.1 Make Delta
2.2 PLC Slim Standard Type PLC
2.3 Standard mode bus ASCII / RTU / Protocol
2.4 Class of Insulation IP 20
2.5 Text Display 7” HMI, High Color & wide Screen
2.6 Support USB client for High Speed Upload / Download


3.3 Make & Type of Electrode Technozone make  / Alumina coated ceramic tube electrode  with high concentration of ozone
3.4 Cooling tube arrangement / material of the tube Water cooled SS 316 inner & 304 outer cooling water jacket tube. Flange ended with Teflon (zero leak proof). Can withstand       pressure up to 4 bar
3.5 No. of electrodes Four
3.6 Ozone Generation by Corona discharge technology Advanced Ceramic coated & glazed electrode covered with concentric annular SS cooling tube is alternated with high frequency corona discharge. This corona discharge disassociates the oxygen atoms to regroup to form ozone
3.7 Power electronics Full bridge IGBT based microprocessor controlled power             generation unit for the ceramic electrodes
3.8 CONTROLS Program Logic Control and Microprocessor, Based Control With Touch Screen Display
3.9 FEED BACK SYSTEM Auto Control Off for a) Gas Input b) Cooling Water Input c) High Current Failure d) High Temperature e) Electrode Failure


4.1 Liquid Chiller System 2000Kcal/Hr capacity to maintain a temperature of 19°C to 22°C for the electrode
4.2 Compressor Emersion Copeland hermetically sealed with automatic overload  protection
4.3 Condenser Air cooled with Nippon copper fin and tube type
4.4 Evaporator Fin and tube type heat exchanger SS 304 grade tank
4.5 Water pump CNP Nanfang inline Centrifugal Monobloc pump


5.1 AUTOMATION Fully automated control unit & 100% leak proof. High voltage (>245VAC) & low voltage (< 200 V AC) indication & cut off Chiller low flow cut off Electrode failure indication & cut off
5.2 CONSTRUCTION Rugged steel body for easy maintenance and solid strength


6.1 Input Voltage 230 V AC (single phase)
6.2 Frequency 50 Hz
6.3 Power consumption 4.78 Kilo Watts including Chiller, oxygen concentrator


7.1 1200 mm width  X  650 mm depth  X  2075 mm height


8.1 Fully Automatic Plug & Play System ,Easy to operate by layman
8.2 Advanced Glazed Ceramic    Electrode Produces high concentration Ozone

Does not get easily punctured

Less wear and tear

8.3 Inbuilt Electrode chiller Maintains low temperature of electrode by itself with refrigerated liquid chiller
8.4 Inbuilt O2 gas generator Compact & safe.
8.5 Integrated Skid Occupies less space/ less foot print

Maintains Aesthetics


9.1 Operating Principle Voltage Source Inverter with PWM Control Technique
3rd Generation IGBT’s are used in the inverter
9.2 The Mode of Operation V / F Control
9.3 Type of Inverter The is Microprocessor control based digital Inverter
9.4 AC input Supply Single Phase 230 V / 50 HZ
9.5 Sensing Resolution 10bit voltage sensing Resolution

10 bit current sensing Resolution

10 bit High voltage Regulation

9.6 Desired Performance Switching Duty
9.7 Operating Parameters Automatic Soft start control

Input power monitoring

Adjustable current Limit

Closed loop HV regulation

9.8 Protection Over Current

High Voltage

Low Voltage

High Temperature

Low Pressure Control

Low Flow control

Power Good Failure