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Ozone Generation
Ozone Generation 2000 Mg per hour
Output Control Variable from 400 Mg/Hr to 2,000 Mg/Hr
Air supply Inbuilt Air Compressor.
Make & Type of Electrode Technozone make / Alumina coated CERAMIC tube electrode with high concentration of ozone.
Cooling tube arrangement Air cooled by blower maintains low temperature.
Material of tube Finned aluminium tube for effective heat dissipation.
Automation IGBT Based high frequency control. Fully automated control unit High voltage (>245V AC) & low voltage (< 200 V AC) Indication & cut off. Auto control off for a) high current, b) electrode fuse failure.
Construction Stylish GRP Cover & Rugged steel body for easy maintenance and solid strength
Automation Timer Control Variable ON time settings from 1 min to 99 hours Variable OFF time settings from 1 min to 99 hours LCD display, with count down timers for ON and OFF settings Allows minimum human intervention, after initial settings to continuously function, coming ON automatically and turning OFF automatically. This can run endlessly till further change. Even if there is a power outage, the auto-timer, will retain the timer settings.
Electrical Specification
Power Consumption 100 watts / hour
Dimensions 350mm (L) X 160mm (B) X 500mm (H)

TZ-M Series