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TECHNOZONE has researched designed & developed high quality Ozone Generators using Ceramic Electrodes which are coated with D-Gun having European Technology and which has the highest di-electric strength. These ceramic electrodes are utilized to produce highest concentration Ozone thus occupying very little space and consuming less power. Features and Specifications: Made of engineering CERAMIC Highly efficient and compact CERAMIC TUBULAR ELECTRODE.

Venturi Injectors


Features and Specifications: Made of engineering Stainless Steel, Teflon & plastic. Highly efficient and compact differential pressure injection device. Available in 1″,1½” and 2″ BSP inlet/outlet connection.Any other size can be supplied on demand.

Bubble Diffuser Contactors


The bubble diffuser contactor is commonly used for ozone contacting in the United States and throughout the world (Langlais et al., 1991).

Ozone contactors with bubble diffusers dissolve ozone into water via a porous

stone (ozone resistant ceramic or in some cases stainless steel) diffuser that

create fine bubbles. As the bubbles rise in the contact vessel they transfer the

ozone into the liquid phase. The diffusers can be disks or tubes.

This method offers the advantages

  • The bubble diffuser contactor can use the pressure of the ozone generator to drive the gas through the diffusers without any additional energy input.
  • High ozone transfer rates.
  • Process flexibility,
  • Operational simplicity,
  • No moving parts.

Bubble diffuser contactors are typically constructed with 18 to 22 ft water depths to achieve 85 to 95 percent ozone transfer efficiency. Since all the ozone is not transferred into the water, the contactor chambers are covered to contain the off-gas. Off-gas is routed to an ozone destruct unit, usually catalysts, thermal, or thermal/catalysts.

Static Mixers


Static Mixers are tubular internals that produce desired mixing and dispersion effects as the fluid flows around motionless mixer parts. The fluid flow is provided by pumping.

Customer benefits

  • Small volumes
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple installation and
  • Excellent reliability

Ozone Compatible Tubing


Ozone resistance is the reason most people select Teflon tubing. It is a flexible thermoplastic, highly resistant to oxidizing agents. A nearly complete resistance to alcohols, acids, bases and chlorinated solvents makes it excellent for the delivery of ozone.

Ozone Contactors

A properly sized contact tank is necessary to allow more gas into the solution. It also permits adequate contact time for the water with the ozone. Once ozone gas is transferred into water, the dissolved ozone will oxidize the organic and inorganic contaminants, or to disinfect the water and release any excess gas that did not go into the solution. Ozone not transferred into the process water during contacting is released from the contactor as off-gas.

Transfer efficiencies of greater than 80 percent typically are required for efficient ozone disinfection.

Common ozone dissolution methods include:

  • Bubble diffuser contactors;
  • Injectors; and
  • Turbine mixers.



  • Electrode
  • Venturi Injectors
  • Diffusers
  • Static Mixers
  • Ozone Compatible Tubing
  • Contact Column/Tank