TZ ATH series


TZ ATH series

TZ AT series Models have inbuilt oxygen concentrator and cooling system for electrodes and fully automatic with safety interlocks and most importantly comes with spare electrodes for trouble free non-stop operation. Remote monitoring and control of these models by Mobile App is possible. Ozone machine health status and setting of various control parameters is possible from the Mobile Phone. Usage hours & disinfection rate (ORP) can be monitored & stored in Mobile APP

Advanced ceramic/glazed electrodes manufactured inhouse are enclosed in a SS 316 annular chamber in conjunction with Full Bridge IGBT based microprocessor controlled power generation unit. Fully automated housed in a rugged MS powder coated steel enclosure with safety features for trouble free running of the ozone machine. Very high concentration of ozone is achived due to ceramic electrodes and long life expected compared to glass electrodes.

TZ ATH series is industrial type ozone generator for heavy usage suitable for Aquaculture and Shrimp Hatchery applications Technozone are the pioneers for establishing ozone disinfection in Shrimp Hatchery applications in India since 2009. Advanced ozone systems with microprocessor based control systems ensure accurate and long lasting usage and spare electrodes are activated whenever in the remote chance an electrode failure takes place for non stop operations.

Model No:
Ozone Output
Ozone Concentration
O2 Feed Gas supplied
Aquaculture Water treatment capacity
Power @ 220V 50 Hz
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50 gm / hour
8 wt%
8 LPM O2
20 tons / hour
1380 watts
75 kgs
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TZ 100 ATH
100 gm / hour
8 wt%
16 LPM O2
40 tons / hour
2500 watts
90 kgs
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TZ 150 ATH
150 gm / hour
8 wt%
24 LPM O2
60 tons / hour
3000 watts
110 kgs
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TZ 200 ATH
200 gm / hour
8 wt%
32 LPM O2
80 tons / hour
5500 watts
130 kgs
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TZ 300 ATH
300 gm / hour
8 wt%
48 LPM O2
120 tons / hour
8000 watts
170 kgs
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